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Equipment List

Here is my current 2022 gear list. Although gear isn't everything when it comes to video it is important to have the right tools to maximize the quality of work. Everything is shot in Log profiles and if needed PRORES RAW.


Sony FX6 Cinema Camera


Sony A6400

Sony A6300

Mavic Pro 3 

Atomos Ninja V for Raw recording

Feelworld F6

Feelworld F5

Sony G Master 35mm

Sony G 20mm

Sony G 24-105mm

Sony Zeiss 55mm

Sony Zeiss 20-70mm

Sony G master 50mm


Comeplet camera cage 

Small Rig V-Mount batteries

Apature 300x

Amaran 21x

Amaran T2c

Newer 660

Neweer 120


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